From the recording Every Now and Then

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Craig Moreau

I Pass the feed mill on the highway
As I rumble into town
It always feels like Sunday
When I come back around
And the beer joint’s down on main street
They still holler out my name
But I’m no longer welcome
Since they drove me half insane

And nothing really changes
And no one really leaves
But nothing even grows here
And yes it’s really me
I know it’s been a long time
But I finally changed my life
If it’s no imposition
Can I sit with you tonight

I saw the old man at the new stand
And he asked where I’d been
Said he’s really getting busy
Since they put the golf course in
I reminded him it opened
Back in nineteen eighty two
Your smile it still haunts me
And I’m really missing you

They put a stop sign down on third street
You can’t see it for the trees
And I really missed your perfume
And the way you looked at me
I’m so sorry for my manner
Must be something in my eye
Reading words upon the granite
And I never said goodbye