Americana-uk (Tim Stokes)


Dependable if not daredevil

There’s nothing particularly “daredevil” about Craig Moreau’s latest record. The Calgary-based singer/songwriter may have spent a lifetime working as a stuntman, a cowhand and in the rodeo but ‘The Daredevil Kid’ is 50 minutes of dependable straight-down-the-middle country music. This may only be his second album but it feels like Craig Moreau has been creating records for years. His music carries a real certainty to it and even though it lacks any real surprises, ‘The Daredevil Kid’ feels like the creation of somebody who has been plying their trade for decades.

The record itself is pure unadulterated country, drenched in the likes of acoustic guitars, lap steels and sing-a-long male/female harmonies. Across 12 tracks, the album is littered with the usual mix of bouncing melodies such as on ‘It Ain’t Nuthin’’, intertwined with heart-wrenching ballads and slower Americana like the title track and ‘Stranded’. There’s little here that makes ‘The Daredevil Kid’ stand out much from similar albums. Nevertheless, with this record Craig Moreau has proven himself to be a fine technician of solid country music.

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